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Aimbot Studio

The idea behind Aimbot studio is to develop Quality games over Quantity. Quality is the main storyline that makes this gaming studio distinguish itself from other biggest Game Development Companies in Pakistan.



Our featured solutions

Aimbot Studio is the leading AI, Game and App development company that provide artificial intelligence solutions and bring advanced graphics-based products (games) to the market.

Game Development

Our team of highly expert developers provides entertaining solutions with advanced technology. Aimbot Studio covers all game genres. Our primary focus is multiplayer, AR/VR, and blockchain-based games.


Our team of AI experts can deliver end-end intelligence based solution which can be tailor-made according to your needs with an ability to process different type of information and bring much efficiency to your operations.

App Development

Our team of developers have been associated to work passionately for creating efficient solutions relating to Web and Mobile Applications.

Our wide range of Services

AI Solutions, Game Development and Android Application are the main services that are provided by the company according to the clients requirements.


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Game Development

Game Development is the procedure of building a video game from beginning to deployment. The first step is to generate an idea and a Game Development Company is responsible to meet your ideas, but it is important to explain your vision for the game to everyone involved. So, the developers can fetch your dream to life.


Game engines

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The company work to develop games on different technologies including Multi-player gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and BlockChain gaming.


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Some of the earliest video games were two-player games, as Astro Race (1973). The first multiplayer real-time games was developed on the PLATO system about 1973.


The primary value of augmented reality is the manner in which components of the digital world blend into a person's perception of the real world.


There’s an immense potential for crypto to be more involved in the gaming industry. Among gamers who own crypto, 80% of them are interested in using cryptocurrency for gaming.

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Standard virtual reality systems use multi-projected environments to generate realistic images and other sensations. A person using VR equipment is able to look around the artificial world.

AI Development

Aimbot Studio is the leading AI company that provide artificial intelligence services and bring advanced solutions for the Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

AI Development

We have an extensive individual experience in data collection, annotation, analysis, implementation of different vision based systems and their deployment in real-world environments.



Company is working on different AI technologies including Computer Vision Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning using Python and its various libraries that are Open CV, Pytorch and Tensor Flow.

Reinforcement Learning

With Proper authentication protocols in place, the chances of security breach and data leakage is always minimal.

Deep Learning/Computer Vision

Computers are the processing monsters, so they have an ability to analyze the vision data and helps to take decisions.

Machine Leaning

Utilizing the vision data in an effective manner will help to reduce the required manpower, thus bringing benefits.

Our Latest Pojects

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Obj. Detection & Tracking

A system was implemented by us in order to track a sport person throughout the game along with the detection of his pose points Pose points detection proved to be very useful in determing how similar is the stanse or a style of a player is as compared to his peers.

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AI Segmentation

Technology segmentation is that the process of dividing a tech domain into small segments based on the various application areas, problems, and solution areas. These small segments can then be further divided into even smaller ones for deeper analysis. Each level has many segments, which are called tech nodes.

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